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ach, Rikuou... [30 Jul 2007|10:50am]

Title: just a sketches
Character(s): Rikuo Himura <3
Rating: work safe, definitely
Constructive Criticism?: Those are just sketches*, but I will be really happy  if  you tell me, what you think about them ^___^
an innocent Rikuo
Rikuo yelling at Kazahaya ("Baka!" :D )
normal  Rikuo

* I hope it`s allowed... Since nobody posted here anything for such a long time >__< Guys, take your pencils and draw!
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First image post! [02 Jun 2007|04:30am]

Well, there's no other way to get the ball rolling than... To get the ball rolling! ^^ So here we go? Cheers!

Title: l a w l e s s
Character(s): Rikou/Kazahaya
Rating: PG & NWS (butt cheeks! *0*)
Constructive Criticism?: Not today thanks. ;3 Comments are more than welcome though!
Onward for your meds!Collapse )
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Welcome! [02 Jun 2007|03:34am]

Welcome to green_drug, a Gohou Drug (aka Lawful/Legal Drug) fanart community! Come here to get your prescription of lawful eye candy! Feel free to join, participate and post, comment, and critique!

All are welcome to share this medication, whether they are new to drawing or can't get their hands to stop! Please remember that this is a community, though, and so there are rules. Read these carefully in order to enjoy the drug with the least amount of uncomfortable side-effects. ;3

Here are some FAQ to help you get started!

How do I post?

Please use this form to post your pieces. This keeps the community clean and tidy, and makes it easier for members watching the community to keep track of:

Title: (if it applies)
Constructive Criticism?:

You may post a commentary about your piece if you like.

You are also welcome to post a 200px/200px (or smaller) preview of your image before the LJ-cut or link, if you please, but nothing bigger than that as it can make browsing difficult for members.

Not familliar with an LJ-cut? Learn to make one easily!

What do I post?

All fanart to do with Gohou Drug and its characters are welcome! If your piece has other characters from other series in it as well as GD characters it is still welcome here.

If you have a doujinshi (fan comic), long or short, it is more than welcome here!

What can't I post?

This is unfortunately not a community for icons and wallpapers, or other image manipulations. Please post these elsewhere. If, however, your wallpapers and icons are made from pieces of fan art, they are welcome. Remember to always ask the artist for permission when using their works, and to credit them when you post the finished product!

This is not a community for fanfiction. If your illustration goes with a fanfic, you may post a link to the fic, but please do not include the entire story itself.

This is not a community for other CLAMP stories. As mentioned above, if your image includes at least one Gohou Drug character it is okay to post here. No Gohou Drug? No post. Easy as that.

Drawings copied from official art by CLAMP is not allowed. Please exercise both your creativity as well as your talent when posting here and make it something original! :3

What do you mean by "Rating"?

Rating your art is very important, as there are many users who use their LJs from the workplace. If your piece is NWS (Not Work-Safe) - meaning the viewer could get in trouble for viewing it on workplace computers, it is important that you say so! A rating of G, PG, or R is also welcome. Most of all, though, it's important to know if your piece is Work-Safe.

Constructive Criticism?

If a member posts asking for no constructive criticism, you are welcome to say it's great, it's the best thing since sliced bread, that they are a God, etc. But PLEASE do not put down them or their work by criticising when they ask you not to. This can be a difficult thing, especially for new, or uncertain artists who don't want to be judged. If they don't want criticism, please keep it to yourself. If they do, you are welcome to give them advice, but please don't be rude about it. Nobody likes a know-it-all. T_T;

Can I cross-post?

Sure thing!

Anything else I should know?

Absolutely. Please keep your image sizes down to something that will fit on viewers' screens. There's nothing more annoying than having to scroll horizontally five yards to see the end of a picture, and if your picture is too big, you may be asked to size it down. Most image editing programs will allow you to do this easily.

This community is moderated by rabby.

Disclaimer: Gohou Drug/Legal Drug is owned by CLAMP, their publishers, Tokyo Pop, etc. Members do not claim ownership to anything but their art and their opinions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment and ask any time - to this post or any post of the moderator, or visit her journal.
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